Help Mother Earth – It Will Improve Your Mental Health


Earth is the only known planet that is fit to become our habitat as we know, but with how we are treating our planet, we might just end up becoming extinct like the many who have come before us. Our environment is going through a tremendous amount of pollution, climate change, carbon emissions, and so much more. With how fast we are going through and consuming our natural resources, our environment does not have enough time to recover from the mining, logging – illegal or otherwise, deforestation, and more. If our environment cannot cope with the abuse that it goes through from the human race, we will be expecting extinction sooner than we think.

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Help The Medical World By Doing These 3 Things

I have always heard that every country needs more nurses and doctors, but it has never sunk in my brain. I don’t go to hospitals frequently, so I have not given it much thought. However, reality got handed to me when I attended the 2019 Medical Event.

Some hospital administrators talked about how their staff needed to take double shifts often. That’s how they managed to look after the patients 24/7 over the years. Even if they could hire more medical professionals, no one was applying.

The more I tried to envision the hardships of nurses and doctors, the more I thought of how we could ease their job. Here are three practical things that you may do:


Avoid Activities That Will Undoubtedly Hurt You

The first tip is a no-brainer: don’t do anything that will put your life in danger. I am talking about activities like climbing walls without a harness, driving past the speed limit, etc. When you get hurt due to your recklessness, the doctors’ attention will become divided between you and others with more serious, non-accident-related illnesses. 

Learn First Aid

Taking a crash course regarding first aid is not merely for people who want to work in the medical field. It is for anyone who wishes to be of service if someone requires immediate care. E.g., a diner chokes on their food, or a driver ends up unconscious after a car collision. If you know first aid, you can help them even before the EMTs come. 


Boost Your Immune System

You will be doing medical practitioners a massive favor when you boost your immunity. After all, patients need hospitalization because they are too weak to protect themselves from bacteria and viruses. When your immune system functions well, though, you can survive any illness on your own.

Learn how to take care of yourself so that you can avoid needing medical attention often. 

Volunteering As A Frontliner – Deadliest Job In The World


The word “volunteer” was not in my vocabulary. I am cautious of it because by extending unpaid efforts, people will take advantage of you. It is true. I had experienced it firsthand when I was younger, and so, I do not just give my time to any cause unless I am sure that it is for the good of many people. And if it is the real deal.

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Why Volunteering Is Good For Your Soul


I grew up in a family of volunteers. My first memory with my parents involved me handing out plates to the homeless people at the local kitchen. When I was old enough to use a hand trowel, my mom and dad took me to tree-planting activities. At the young age of 8, I was already helping build houses for the less fortunate folks. Despite it all, I only started asking myself why I was volunteering after attending the 2019 Volunteer Conference.

It was a genuine question that bothered me throughout the trip back home. Yes, I had no idea why I was volunteering. Perhaps it was because that was what my parents were doing, so I thought I should do it, too. Maybe it was because I was not given a choice to do other things. My family, after all, had this motto: “If one does it, then everyone else should do it.”

After some contemplation, though, I realize that my reason for volunteering was that it felt incredible. Doing so is good for the soul because:

It Humbles You
I know a lot of 20-something individuals born into old money who think poorly about the poor. Though I also come from a well-to-do family, my mom and dad have immersed me in volunteer work early. Instead of feeling disgust towards the homeless, therefore, I become grateful for what I have and find ways to help them.


It Changes How You Think Of Problems
Dealing with issues by overdosing on drugs or attempting suicide will never be the solution I’ll ever consider. Either seems familiar for affluent individuals, but I have come across less fortunate people who don’t even complain about the financial challenges they face. They keep on working hard to make ends meet; they know that self-harming is not the quick fix to everything.

It Gives You A Purpose
While my peers are busy doing odd jobs or wasting their parents’ money, I know what I want to do: continue helping others. I believe that that’s why I have come to this world in the first place. It warms my heart every time I think of the smiles I earn from the individuals who are on the receiving end of my volunteer work.


Give volunteering a try to under how amazing it can make you feel. Good luck!

Scary Things That Might Happen If We Lose The Amazon Rain Forest (Part II)


Talking about the Amazon rainforest today is so relevant that the people who see the news and other social media platform updates feel genuinely interested in the issue. That is because millions of people seem concern about what might happen to the planet after the devastating incident. Yes, some may appear not bothered, though. “Many people are simply unaware of these problems of the modern world or of the real (and often simple) solutions to them that are available,” says Kenneth Worthy, Ph.D. “Many people answer “don’t know” to polls about climate change, and ignorance of the problem is widespread around the globe.” But a lot is entirely trying their best to raise awareness. It is not only for the welfare of the planet but as well as for the understanding of humankind response to the global issue. People are deeply saddened by the incident that they can no longer stop thinking about the scary things that might happen when the Earth loses Amazon.

More Unfortunate People And More Refugees – There are millions of people who live in the rainforest of Amazon. They rely on the rainforest for the shelter, food, income, as well as medicines. So imagine if the area entirely gets wiped out, these individuals will no longer have a place to live. They will lose everything they have. The tendency of them having nothing is their vast unintentional and forced occupancy to different places. These indigenous people will have to migrate to cities which will populate it even more. “Although this immigrant community had minimal connections with surrounding communities, apart from those of work and business, matters changed greatly over time as subsequent generations became increasingly assimilated following a pattern found in all other immigrant communities,” explains evolutionary psychologist Nigel Barber, Ph.D. With that particular incident, the world will suffer from a major humanitarian crisis.

Loss Of Tribes – One of the great treasures of the world is its uncontacted tribes. Most of these people lived in the Amazon rainforest. We all know that these tribes are now under threat. According to Lissa Rankin, M.D., “With these changes, the multi-generational homes disbanded and the community lifestyle shifted gears from nightly celebrations to more of the typical “every man for himself” philosophy that fueled the neighboring communities.” That is both due to deforestation and burning of the Amazon. If ever the planet will lose its largest rainforest, these people will soon die. By that, future generations might no longer know that these tribes once exist in the world.


Loss Of Medical Possibilities – If losing people and their lives don’t concern others because it doesn’t directly involve them, how about the loss of medical possibilities? Since Amazon is one of the largest rainforests that consists of millions of undiscovered living things, it also has the potential of having ingredients that cure diseases. Only nature provides components such as different types of molds, snake venoms, periwinkle, and more. So imagine if the Amazon is gone, the possibility of getting right through the cure of cancer can never have a chance for discovery.

Smoke – Fires release a vast amount of smoke visible from space that we humans inhale. Since smoke travels through the wind, surrounding regions also suffer from too much of it. Soon, it will reach major urban areas. When the Amazon loses its ability to produce oxygen, the Earth will suffer from carbon emission that will quickly put all people on the planet at a higher health risk.


More Fires – It is pretty much evident. When there are not enough trees, there is less rainwater. If there is less rainwater, there are more droughts. So with more droughts, we can expect an increased intensity and events of fires. The fires will spread to more dense places; specifically, the ones lived by humans. So yes, we can picture out losing houses and buildings, and people as well.

Now, think about this. Are these not enough reasons for you to raise awareness?

Scary Things That Might Happen If We Lose The Amazon Rain Forest


The Amazon experienced a wildfire in an increased record rate. According to research, the particular incident of the forest’s latest fire is the highest among all the occurrences in the area. With all the 72,843 fires in Brazil in the year 2019 alone, half of the incidents took place in the rainforest of the Amazon. Since it referred to as the lungs of the planet, the fear of losing a significant amount of oxygen is at stake. However, a loss of oxygen is not all there is to worry about if we lose the Amazon rainforest.

“People have been concerned and distressed about climate change for several decades, but there’s been little monitoring of those psychological impacts,” says Joseph Reser, PhD. “Climate change is an ongoing threat, and the psychological implications are occurring here and now.”

Some of them are the following:

Flooding – How exactly does less rain result in more flooding? Well, that is because trees prevent erosion when it rains through the help of their roots. So when there are not enough trees in the area, there will be a lot of flooding into the surrounding. These will affect towns, cities, as well as metropolises, where a lot of people live. Not to mention the living conditions in some parts of Brazil that suffer significantly due to the unpredictable weather. The terms of climate change can get worse twice as much the usual.


Less Rain – A scientific journal research and study show that Amazon is responsible for providing rain to the areas surrounding it. So if it stops producing rainwater, the countries in and out of its rainforest parameter will suffer vastly. With that, people can expect that even the richest and healthiest agricultural parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay; will soon experience an industrial downfall as well. The less rainfall will affect the production of rice, soybean, cotton, sugar cane, wheat, tobacco, beans, and a wide variety of fruits. Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD, states “A poor diet may also contribute to poor mental health.”

Drought – Along with the less possible rainfall, the planet might suffer from drought. With that, it will become hard to find the source of clean water. The drought condition will get much worse than it will inevitably affect food and water supplies. There will be no enough resources that will sustain crops and poultry production for that matter too. Therefore, the process of livestock in Brazil will suffer from a massive loss that will make every meat and poultry way too much expensive.

Loss Of Biodiversity – People might think that the focus of the burning condition of Amazon was strictly onto the trees. However, in reality, insects and animals get to burn with them, including those threatened and endangered ones too. Well, yes, some of them are not wiped out. However, the possible loss of the Amazon rainforest will become a massive burden to these creatures. That is because of the difficulty in finding other animals to breed with. Therefore, we can expect a more increased rate of extinction.


The Amazon rainforest might be in Brazil, but it doesn’t mean it is out of boundary. It is still part of the world that we are living in so we should show our concern about the issue. Jessy Warner-Cohen, PhD, says “A person can choose to make one environmentally friendly change in their life to help offset the impact of this destruction.”

Let us all raise awareness so that we won’t be able to suffer these scary things once the Amazon is gone.

What Could Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burned Down?


It was a devastating incident when the mainstream media already made access to reporting the case of the Amazon wildfire. A lot of people was saddened about what happened with the trees and animals’ in that particular situation. Aside from the damage, indigenous tribes are getting less of the attention as they try to save more portions of the rainforest. Though some people are showing their concerns over the incident through the power social media, some are asking why the Amazon wildfire is a big deal. Well, here are quite a few of the reasons why.

The Reasons


The Amazon rainforest is the essential place to more than a million different species such as plants, insects, animals, and some humans. So imagine if gets burned down. These different species will significantly lose their home permanently. The animals will suffer significantly in terms of finding shelter and food. In a possible unfortunate instance, these species might end up destroying the eco-system if they try to live in areas which do not apply to them. As for the indigenous people who find peace and happiness living in the rainforest, they will suffer massive emotional, physical, and mental adjustments in case losing their home happens.

Losing Amazon as a shelter is only a part of what could potentially happen when the rainforest got burned down. The biggest misfortune would be the Amazon reaching the point of no return. Meaning, when it can no longer go back to as healthy as it was before, the whole area might run dry forever. With that, instead of the forest generating oxygen, it could start releasing carbon to the atmosphere. “Forest fires are also a massive source of carbon and release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. On top of this, trees that are burning cannot remove CO2 from the atmosphere and thus have compounding implications for climate change,” Matthew Stewart, PhD explains.

It will become an alarming incident because the particular process would speed up the effects of climate change. The goal of slowing down global warming will become way too impossible for that matter. “Even worse, the fires in the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, are a major blow in the fight against climate change,” Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD says.

In line with the carbon emission as it increases the damage of the atmosphere in case the Amazon got burned down, it is not only the planet that will suffer. Imagine if it all ends in the way all of us do not want; humans will no longer experience a better life. Breathing with clean air will become way too impossible, and we might get surrounded by hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere. That is not something everybody can live with because not all of us will be financially stable enough to buy fresh air. That is, of course, when the unfortunate time comes that even oxygen is not available without a price. “The tipping point can be postponed by putting out forest fires before they do much damage,” Daniel Nepstad, Ph.D., explains.


Yes, some people post and tweet on social media referring to their concerns on the other side of the world. But the reality is different though. If the thing does not directly affect them at all cost, the involvement stops there in that particular social media engagement. That is very unfortunate, but that is the truth. The reality is that a lot of people know and understand the damage of the incident. However, only a limited number of people take courage in participating and reaching out to it.

The Burning Of The Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon rainforest is the home of millions of species around the world. That goes to animals, plants, and even indigenous people too. Science refers to it as the Earth’s lungs because it produces 6% of the oxygen that supports the atmosphere. It is a bio-diverse land that massively impacts the slowing down on global warming. Unfortunately, the Amazon rainforest suffered massive damage from a wildfire. It was so out of control that the burning took almost a couple weeks.

What Happened?


The burning of the Amazon was nowhere to be found in mainstream media. It was social media that took it to the world. The situation was extremely devastating, and a lot of animals died along with the burning of the trees. What is more upsetting is that the Brazilian government seems not to care and looks at the situation differently. The president of the country is not stepping in to make an effort in slowing down the fire. That explains why a lot of people appear aggravated to those individuals sitting in the government positions of Brazil.

In this specific case, it seems like a problem of reality. Yes, it might seem challenging to become acutely aware of the situation because not all people were present there. That explains why it was already too late that people get to know the current status of the burning rainforest. But the fact that the future of the planet is at stake, there is no such excuse not to be involved in the issue though it is quite challenging to address it actively when people are far from it.

Usually, when there is a wildfire, it is due to some sort of accident or should we say a natural catastrophe. Sometimes, forest fires are okay because it contributes to the process of the ecosystem. Once the fire serves its purpose, people will then try to put it out. However, in the case of the Amazon rainforest, the whole picture is different. The fire was intentional. The government of Brazil intends to use the land for cattle raising and not just a stagnant planetary tool for all we know.

What It Is All About


The Amazon rainforest is the healthiest forests that exist in the world. No wonder a lot of business-minded individuals keep an eye on it. There is too much land to use for industrial purposes, and we all might agree to that. The condition of the area is so perfect that livestock and food production might have some advantage. So given these possible reasons, we might conclude that the burning of the Amazon rainforest is just about the sole purpose of making more money. It might not be accurate, but what else do you think could it be?

The burning of the Amazon rainforest is not a small issue. Just imagine what would happen if we lost it.