Month: November 2018

5 Primary Causes Of Extinction

  We may always hear the word “extinction,” and we know what it exactly means. It means species of animals will never be seen alive on our planet. The future generation will only get to them through pictures and hear them through stories. Some may not find It a...
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6 Extinct Plants And Where To Find Them 

Have you ever wondered what other plants are still out there and where we can find them? Have you ever encountered a plant you wished you knew? If yes, then keep reading, because this writeup is perfect for you. We’ve come up with a list of extinct and never-heard...
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Plant Psychology: Why Gardening Benefits Our Mental Health

The environment people live nowadays has contributed to different kinds of stress to individuals. As a result, the world has been packed with various types of therapies to overcome these stresses. These therapies are not only used to relax and release the tensions from the daily lives. They are used...
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