2016 San Diego Wildlife Conservation Expo: Ways To Save Animals In The Wild

I have been to dozens of conventions in recent years, but the 2016 San Diego Wildlife Conservation Expo left a mark in my mind. The reason is that their panelists stressed out something simple yet often forgotten: the animals in the wild are no different from us humans. If our house burns down, we find ourselves helpless, not knowing where to go. In case someone vandalizes our home, we tended to feel angry and threatened at the same time.

That is practically the same thing that the wildlife creatures experience when lawless people cut down the trees or litter in the forests or mountains that serve as their shelter. We are lucky because we have the financial means to relocate if need be. Unfortunately for these animals, many of them are starting to become extinct.

Considering your goal is to help conserve wildlife from this year onward, you may do the following.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Adopt An Animal

Adopting an animal can mean two things: 1) you bring it home and treat as part of the family) or 2) you send financial support to an organization that takes care of similar creatures. You should remember that the former is not always allowed by the government, though. Plus, the possibility of preventing their extinction tends to increase once they are living with the rest of their species.

2. Volunteer To Clean Or Restore Their Habitat

Assuming your salary is barely enough for your needs, there’s also another way for you to help save wildlife. You can volunteer to clean the forests and beaches, for instance. You may also plant more trees or find people who can adopt wild animals.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Promote Recycling

Lastly, the animals in the wild can benefit more than any living thing on this planet if you develop a habit of recycling used or broken objects at home. Keep in mind that paper comes from the trees and some electronic gadgets have raw materials that come from forests. Salvaging such things to produce similar items will stop companies from damaging the woodlands further.


Try not to think that there’s nothing you can do to help the displaced animals out there to find a home again. Even your little contributions mean something – that’s for sure.

Don’t forget to ask your loved ones to show support to the cause as well. Cheers!

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