Month: October 2019

Scary Things That Might Happen If We Lose The Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon experienced a wildfire in an increased record rate. According to research, the particular incident of the forest’s latest fire is the highest among all the occurrences in the area. With all the 72,843 fires in Brazil in the year 2019 alone, half of the incidents took place...
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What Could Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burned Down?

It was a devastating incident when the mainstream media already made access to reporting the case of the Amazon wildfire. A lot of people was saddened about what happened with the trees and animals’ in that particular situation. Aside from the damage, indigenous tribes are getting less of the...
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The Burning Of The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is the home of millions of species around the world. That goes to animals, plants, and even indigenous people too. Science refers to it as the Earth’s lungs because it produces 6% of the oxygen that supports the atmosphere. It is a bio-diverse land that massively...
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