How To Save The Giraffe Species

Giraffes are widely known for their long size, bizarre appearance, and timid nature. But now, giraffes are often talked about in the context of extinction and trophy hunting. If you love these gentle giants, you might be thinking how you can prevent their dwindling numbers. Luckily, we can show you how!  


Be On The Know 

Here’s the irony of the situation. Any kid from elementary school would know a giraffe when they see a picture of one. In the field of conservation, giraffes aren’t such popular subjects.

To prevent the “silent extinction” of these giraffes, any wildlife advocate would start learning the current problem. What is the current giraffe population count? What are the ongoing giraffe conservation efforts? What are the governments doing? It might also help to learn more about the animal itself as their behavior may be an essential factor in the conservation efforts.  

 Unfortunately, scientists know little of giraffe behavior. Even scientists are not quite sure how many species or subspecies do giraffes have.  


Never Tolerate Poaching Or Trophy Hunting 

While habitat loss is the number one threat to these gentle giants, poaching and trophy hunting are accelerating the giraffes’ extinction. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congolese poachers are killing giraffes for their tails, which would then be used as dowries. Other poachers in the South African region kill giraffes for their bones, which would be either carved to look like ivory or used in soup.  


Another factor to the giraffes’ dwindling numbers is trophy hunting. Pictures of trophy hunters next to slain giraffes have been widespread throughout social media. While technically legal in some area in the South African region, the practice of trophy hunting is not something to be proud of. Most especially when the ‘trophy’ is a body of an animal that has a status of “Vulnerable.”  


Support Conservation Efforts  

There are passionate, dedicated people who are committed to the preservation of the giraffe species. For example, The Sahara Conservation Fund has been working on translocating a small population of giraffes to a new, safer location. According to scientists, the giraffes’ traditional grazing grounds have become fragmented due to war and mining. Relocation has been one of the successful giraffe conservation efforts as a result.  


Of course, these organizations can’t make their conservation efforts all by themselves. They would need the support of the public to continue their operations. In organizations like this, you could help by giving a donation or simply being part of their publicity campaign.


Raise Awareness 

If you want to prevent the extinction of giraffes, you would need to speak on their behalf. Scientists have been calling this phenomenon as a “silent extinction” because of the lack of clamor for giraffe conservation efforts. For this reason, you, as an advocate, need to open conversations about the giraffes’ dwindling populations and conservation efforts.  

How can you do that? Thanks to the power and innovation of social media, sharing news has never been easier. All you need to do is share an article about the giraffes’ current situation and let the discussions flow in. Of course, it is still better to open up the topic personally.  


Take Action 

After raising awareness comes taking action. As an advocate, you need to give your contribution to the conservation efforts if you can. It could be in the form of donations to conservation projects or volunteering in wildlife organizations. More artistic folks could go so far as to write stories or create artworks that could raise awareness of the situation. The possibilities are endless.  


So if you think that the situation has become hopeless, think again. It will only be hopeless if you don’t do anything about it. Stand up and take action! Let us save these gentle giants from extinction.






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