The Burning Of The Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon rainforest is the home of millions of species around the world. That goes to animals, plants, and even indigenous people too. Science refers to it as the Earth’s lungs because it produces 6% of the oxygen that supports the atmosphere. It is a bio-diverse land that massively impacts the slowing down on global warming. Unfortunately, the Amazon rainforest suffered massive damage from a wildfire. It was so out of control that the burning took almost a couple weeks.

What Happened?


The burning of the Amazon was nowhere to be found in mainstream media. It was social media that took it to the world. The situation was extremely devastating, and a lot of animals died along with the burning of the trees. What is more upsetting is that the Brazilian government seems not to care and looks at the situation differently. The president of the country is not stepping in to make an effort in slowing down the fire. That explains why a lot of people appear aggravated to those individuals sitting in the government positions of Brazil.

In this specific case, it seems like a problem of reality. Yes, it might seem challenging to become acutely aware of the situation because not all people were present there. That explains why it was already too late that people get to know the current status of the burning rainforest. But the fact that the future of the planet is at stake, there is no such excuse not to be involved in the issue though it is quite challenging to address it actively when people are far from it.

Usually, when there is a wildfire, it is due to some sort of accident or should we say a natural catastrophe. Sometimes, forest fires are okay because it contributes to the process of the ecosystem. Once the fire serves its purpose, people will then try to put it out. However, in the case of the Amazon rainforest, the whole picture is different. The fire was intentional. The government of Brazil intends to use the land for cattle raising and not just a stagnant planetary tool for all we know.

What It Is All About


The Amazon rainforest is the healthiest forests that exist in the world. No wonder a lot of business-minded individuals keep an eye on it. There is too much land to use for industrial purposes, and we all might agree to that. The condition of the area is so perfect that livestock and food production might have some advantage. So given these possible reasons, we might conclude that the burning of the Amazon rainforest is just about the sole purpose of making more money. It might not be accurate, but what else do you think could it be?

The burning of the Amazon rainforest is not a small issue. Just imagine what would happen if we lost it.

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