What Could Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burned Down?

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It was a devastating incident when the mainstream media already made access to reporting the case of the Amazon wildfire. A lot of people was saddened about what happened with the trees and animals’ in that particular situation. Aside from the damage, indigenous tribes are getting less of the attention as they try to save more portions of the rainforest. Though some people are showing their concerns over the incident through the power social media, some are asking why the Amazon wildfire is a big deal. Well, here are quite a few of the reasons why.

The Reasons

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The Amazon rainforest is the essential place to more than a million different species such as plants, insects, animals, and some humans. So imagine if gets burned down. These different species will significantly lose their home permanently. The animals will suffer significantly in terms of finding shelter and food. In a possible unfortunate instance, these species might end up destroying the eco-system if they try to live in areas which do not apply to them. As for the indigenous people who find peace and happiness living in the rainforest, they will suffer massive emotional, physical, and mental adjustments in case losing their home happens.

Losing Amazon as a shelter is only a part of what could potentially happen when the rainforest got burned down. The biggest misfortune would be the Amazon reaching the point of no return. Meaning, when it can no longer go back to as healthy as it was before, the whole area might run dry forever. With that, instead of the forest generating oxygen, it could start releasing carbon to the atmosphere. “Forest fires are also a massive source of carbon and release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. On top of this, trees that are burning cannot remove CO2 from the atmosphere and thus have compounding implications for climate change,” Matthew Stewart, PhD explains.

It will become an alarming incident because the particular process would speed up the effects of climate change. The goal of slowing down global warming will become way too impossible for that matter. “Even worse, the fires in the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, are a major blow in the fight against climate change,” Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD says.

In line with the carbon emission as it increases the damage of the atmosphere in case the Amazon got burned down, it is not only the planet that will suffer. Imagine if it all ends in the way all of us do not want; humans will no longer experience a better life. Breathing with clean air will become way too impossible, and we might get surrounded by hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere. That is not something everybody can live with because not all of us will be financially stable enough to buy fresh air. That is, of course, when the unfortunate time comes that even oxygen is not available without a price. “The tipping point can be postponed by putting out forest fires before they do much damage,” Daniel Nepstad, Ph.D., explains.

Source: pixabay.com

Yes, some people post and tweet on social media referring to their concerns on the other side of the world. But the reality is different though. If the thing does not directly affect them at all cost, the involvement stops there in that particular social media engagement. That is very unfortunate, but that is the truth. The reality is that a lot of people know and understand the damage of the incident. However, only a limited number of people take courage in participating and reaching out to it.

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