Scary Things That Might Happen If We Lose The Amazon Rain Forest


The Amazon experienced a wildfire in an increased record rate. According to research, the particular incident of the forest’s latest fire is the highest among all the occurrences in the area. With all the 72,843 fires in Brazil in the year 2019 alone, half of the incidents took place in the rainforest of the Amazon. Since it referred to as the lungs of the planet, the fear of losing a significant amount of oxygen is at stake. However, a loss of oxygen is not all there is to worry about if we lose the Amazon rainforest.

“People have been concerned and distressed about climate change for several decades, but there’s been little monitoring of those psychological impacts,” says Joseph Reser, PhD. “Climate change is an ongoing threat, and the psychological implications are occurring here and now.”

Some of them are the following:

Flooding – How exactly does less rain result in more flooding? Well, that is because trees prevent erosion when it rains through the help of their roots. So when there are not enough trees in the area, there will be a lot of flooding into the surrounding. These will affect towns, cities, as well as metropolises, where a lot of people live. Not to mention the living conditions in some parts of Brazil that suffer significantly due to the unpredictable weather. The terms of climate change can get worse twice as much the usual.


Less Rain – A scientific journal research and study show that Amazon is responsible for providing rain to the areas surrounding it. So if it stops producing rainwater, the countries in and out of its rainforest parameter will suffer vastly. With that, people can expect that even the richest and healthiest agricultural parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay; will soon experience an industrial downfall as well. The less rainfall will affect the production of rice, soybean, cotton, sugar cane, wheat, tobacco, beans, and a wide variety of fruits. Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD, states “A poor diet may also contribute to poor mental health.”

Drought – Along with the less possible rainfall, the planet might suffer from drought. With that, it will become hard to find the source of clean water. The drought condition will get much worse than it will inevitably affect food and water supplies. There will be no enough resources that will sustain crops and poultry production for that matter too. Therefore, the process of livestock in Brazil will suffer from a massive loss that will make every meat and poultry way too much expensive.

Loss Of Biodiversity – People might think that the focus of the burning condition of Amazon was strictly onto the trees. However, in reality, insects and animals get to burn with them, including those threatened and endangered ones too. Well, yes, some of them are not wiped out. However, the possible loss of the Amazon rainforest will become a massive burden to these creatures. That is because of the difficulty in finding other animals to breed with. Therefore, we can expect a more increased rate of extinction.


The Amazon rainforest might be in Brazil, but it doesn’t mean it is out of boundary. It is still part of the world that we are living in so we should show our concern about the issue. Jessy Warner-Cohen, PhD, says “A person can choose to make one environmentally friendly change in their life to help offset the impact of this destruction.”

Let us all raise awareness so that we won’t be able to suffer these scary things once the Amazon is gone.

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