Help The Medical World By Doing These 3 Things

I have always heard that every country needs more nurses and doctors, but it has never sunk in my brain. I don’t go to hospitals frequently, so I have not given it much thought. However, reality got handed to me when I attended the 2019 Medical Event.

Some hospital administrators talked about how their staff needed to take double shifts often. That’s how they managed to look after the patients 24/7 over the years. Even if they could hire more medical professionals, no one was applying.

The more I tried to envision the hardships of nurses and doctors, the more I thought of how we could ease their job. Here are three practical things that you may do:


Avoid Activities That Will Undoubtedly Hurt You

The first tip is a no-brainer: don’t do anything that will put your life in danger. I am talking about activities like climbing walls without a harness, driving past the speed limit, etc. When you get hurt due to your recklessness, the doctors’ attention will become divided between you and others with more serious, non-accident-related illnesses. 

Learn First Aid

Taking a crash course regarding first aid is not merely for people who want to work in the medical field. It is for anyone who wishes to be of service if someone requires immediate care. E.g., a diner chokes on their food, or a driver ends up unconscious after a car collision. If you know first aid, you can help them even before the EMTs come. 


Boost Your Immune System

You will be doing medical practitioners a massive favor when you boost your immunity. After all, patients need hospitalization because they are too weak to protect themselves from bacteria and viruses. When your immune system functions well, though, you can survive any illness on your own.

Learn how to take care of yourself so that you can avoid needing medical attention often. 

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