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Going out with the family will always be a treasured moment for everyone. Whether you are with a family friend or blood-related kin, it is always a good and happy feeling when you get to spend some time with your loved ones with whatever activity you have in mind.

Our family does go out once in a while and always plans on having worthwhile activities and enjoying our time together. My parents and other elders make sure that everyone will enjoy their vacation time – away from work and school. Taking some time off would be a good way to de-stress and be relaxed from all the hectic schedule that has been bombarding us. Good thing my family enjoys getting together every chance we get. It would also be an opportunity for our children to explore and have fun, away from their usual day-to-day activities.

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With my immediate family, we always love to spend time together whenever there’s a chance. It’s not easy though because of work and school. We also live away from each other so if there is free time, we love to bond and go on out of town trips. Our family really loves going to nature parks and in mountainous areas. Seeing such scenery plus the beauty of nature away from the chaotic city world really fascinates us along with my daughter and niece. It’s good to know that they also love going out and seeing natural scenery like mountains, valleys, with lots of trees and flowers.

Trips to the city are also enjoyable but nothing compares to the beauty of nature. For me, it’s good to introduce nature to kids at an early age and make them aware of how important it is to take care of the environment.

Apart from bonding with my parents, siblings, and niece, it is also a good time to spend days off with the extended family such as my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. It is always enjoyable when we have synchronized rest days. When we plan to go on trips and vacations, we make sure that everybody will have a good time including the elders and children. And going to nature parks will always be a first on our list.

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And I believe that a family can have a great impact and influence in letting the kids know the role of Mother Earth to humanity.  Bringing them to nature parks and wildlife sanctuary can awaken their interest in nature and will likely be inclined to help conserve it. I still remember the first time we brought the children to a zoo. They were really fascinated by the different kinds of animals which they haven’t seen in our neighborhood. The zoo was situated in a mangrove forest near the ocean so it is really a unique setting for a zoo which made them more interested. It made them appreciate wildlife animals more and be protective of them.

There are lots of ways on how you can teach the younger generation to help conserve the environment and be more mindful of how we treat our Mother Earth. One way is to be a good model for kids and youth. Adults should lead by example if you want to teach them things. If they can see your concern for the environment, they will likely follow your ways. As everyone says, “actions speak louder than words.”

During field trips and walks to the park, tell them to follow the rules and signs being posted around the park, like don’t pick flowers or always throw garbage in the trash can. These things may be simple and easy but it can surely contribute to their environmental awareness. Using a reusable lunch box and utensils during trips also shows one’s concern to the environment. If every family does this, global garbage may surely be lessened as time goes by.

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Being aware of the surroundings and keeping them clean is not only applicable in our own house and backyard but should also be practiced wherever we are going – even in beaches, parks, or in roaming around urban areas. Knowing how to properly dispose of garbage and using reusable things can surely make an impact.

Participating and volunteering in clean-up drives is also one great way to be able to be of help to Mother Earth. Clean-up drives especially in beaches is a good activity to participate in, to encourage awareness that our ocean is not a trash bin. People should be aware of how much damage they cause to our sea wildlife whenever they throw something to the ocean, especially plastics.

Traveling and family outings will always be fun and exciting but we should always remember our responsibilities not just with one another but to our Mother Nature as well.


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