Help Mother Earth – It Will Improve Your Mental Health


Earth is the only known planet that is fit to become our habitat as we know, but with how we are treating our planet, we might just end up becoming extinct like the many who have come before us. Our environment is going through a tremendous amount of pollution, climate change, carbon emissions, and so much more. With how fast we are going through and consuming our natural resources, our environment does not have enough time to recover from the mining, logging – illegal or otherwise, deforestation, and more. If our environment cannot cope with the abuse that it goes through from the human race, we will be expecting extinction sooner than we think.

Let us put things into perspective in a way that sadly might be relatable to many. When a person is going through or has been through abuse, you can be certain that there will be a certain level of trauma and mental illness that they will need to recover from.


If that person is not given the opportunity, the time, and the effort to recover from the abuse and the trauma, that person will constantly live in fear, isolation, depression, and/or anxiety. The same thing goes for our environment. If we do not give nature a fighting chance, it will never recover from the years and years of abuse that it is going through.

Today, we have a few tips that might just help you save the Earth. First of all, before we deep dive into that. Let us try and understand why it is important that we can save our planet. Well, as you know, we only have one. If this planet dies from all the abuse that we put it through and we never give it a chance to recover and heal, we will soon lose the only home that we have.

We cannot just get up, pack a bag, and fly ourselves to some distant planet. We need to start the effort to save the planet now, this is not for you and you alone, which is for the future generations. This effort we are trying to put in is for your children and your children’s children. This is more than just you. This is a bigger picture.


So, now that we understand why we need to do it. Let me tell you how to do it. We start with the simplest rule. Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. You have probably heard this phrase a couple of dozen times but let me tell you why this is an important step. We have a lot of plastic waste and waste in general. All this waste either mixes into the land, drifts into the ocean, or it just sits there in a mountain of trash. When we reduce, reuse, and recycle, we decrease the space taken up by landfills, and we are decreasing trash floating away into the ocean or mixing into the Earth.

From there, you have to choose to be sustainable. Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle may not be easy, but it will be worth it. This way, you can live a life that is almost zero waste, and you can conserve energy and resources.


Moving on, the most important thing to do is to educate yourself. You have to start reading and learning more and more about the state of our planet. This way, you know what you can do to create a change because change always starts with one. If you can influence your community into transitioning into a life that is healthier and sustainable for our environment, then the world may still have a chance to live one more day.

Like I said, our environment is very much like us. As humans, we need to feel love and support. We need time to be able to recover from things that have hurt us or traumatized us. This way, our mental health does not suffer, and in turn, our lives do not take a harder hit. Our environment will need all the love and all the support it is needs so that it can heal and go back to a state where extinction is out of the question.

We are never able to do things alone. We could never fight our battles alone because we would always need to reach out to someone for help. Earth only has us to reach out to for help, so it is our job to change how the world treats the only planet we have. This is our time to take over and take a stand. We should not allow humans to continue its abuse on Mother Nature. It is time to be the change that we need, that the Earth needs.

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