Help Mother Earth – It Will Improve Your Mental Health


Earth is the only known planet that is fit to become our habitat as we know, but with how we are treating our planet, we might just end up becoming extinct like the many who have come before us. Our environment is going through a tremendous amount of pollution, climate change, carbon emissions, and so much more. With how fast we are going through and consuming our natural resources, our environment does not have enough time to recover from the mining, logging – illegal or otherwise, deforestation, and more. If our environment cannot cope with the abuse that it goes through from the human race, we will be expecting extinction sooner than we think.

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Volunteering As A Frontliner – Deadliest Job In The World


The word “volunteer” was not in my vocabulary. I am cautious of it because by extending unpaid efforts, people will take advantage of you. It is true. I had experienced it firsthand when I was younger, and so, I do not just give my time to any cause unless I am sure that it is for the good of many people. And if it is the real deal.

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